Hamilton Heights Historic District

Hamilton Heights Historic District

Hamilton Heights Historic District

Borough and State: Manhattan, New York

Listed: 1974, extended in 2000

Type of district: National Register historic district, local historic district

Main Streets: Convent Avenue and West 144th Street

 Hamilton Heights LPC Historic District Report

 Hamilton Heights LPC Historic District Extension Report

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The Hamilton Heights Historic District is significant because it is a quiet residential community that was largely developed between 1886 and 1906 with only a few later buildings, and it retains much of its turn-of-the-century atmosphere. The tree-lined streets, with rows of low-lying houses set behind raised front yards, achieve a dignity unusual in an urban environment, and the long rows of 3- and 4-story private houses and the low-rise apartment houses give architectural coherence to the streetscape. The architecture is representative of the popular styles of the period – the Romanesque, Queen Anne, Dutch and Flemish revivals, the French Renaissance mode and Neoclassical trend, which swept the country after the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, as well as the Georgian and Federal revivals of the early 20th century.