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Architectural Ambler: Eagleville Historic District

Holden, Massachusetts This month, the Architectural Ambler visits a recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places: the Eagleville Historic District, a former textile mill village in the town of Holden, Massachusetts. One of Holden’s eight original mill villages, Eagleville is the sole remaining example: a relatively undisturbed collection of 19th and early 20th […]

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Architectural Ambler: Gaslamp Quarter Historic District

San Diego, California It may be “America’s Finest City” today, but San Diego wasn’t always that way. In the 1880s and ‘90s, the city’s wharf-side commercial strip was known as the “Stingaree” – a redlight district where one could get “stung” (robbed, abducted, etc.) just as badly as in the stingray-swarming San Diego Bay, or […]

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Architectural Ambler: Old Towne Historic District

Orange, California This month, we travel to Orange, California, to explore the Old Towne Historic District, the largest National Register Historic District in its state. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, the Old Towne Historic District is approximately one square mile in area. Its boundaries encompass over 1,300 buildings representative of […]

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Architectural Ambler: Brattle Street

Cambridge, Massachusetts This month, the Architectural Ambler visits historic Brattle Street, a prominent thoroughfare in the Old Cambridge National Register Historic District in Cambridge, Mass. Allegedly named for 18th-century Brattle Street resident – and British Loyalist – Col. William Brattle Jr., Brattle Street extends westward from Cambridge’s original historic core near Harvard Square, where the […]

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Architectural Ambler: Historic Charleston, South Carolina

This month, the Architectural Ambler travels south to explore historic Charleston, S.C. Tranquil and quaint, and oozing with colorful charm, Southern civility, and a heady floral aroma, the Charleston Old and Historic District is the oldest locally-designated historic district in the country. The nation’s first zoning ordinances protecting historic resources were passed here in 1931; […]

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Architectural Ambler: Gramercy Park Historic District

In the midst of the commotion that has come to define Manhattan, one sometimes wishes for an escape to a serene place – reminiscent of the days before honking yellow taxis dominated the streets, before flashy advertisements battled Blackberries for your attention, before Starbucks had conquered almost every city block. But, you do not need […]

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