Shady Point

City and State: Lake Arrowhead, California

Shady Point, Lake Arrowhead, CA
Shady Point, Lake Arrowhead, CA

Listed: 2009

Type of district: Individually Listed, National Register of Historic Places

Address: 778 Shelter Cove Drive, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92321

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Shady Point, Lake Arrowhead, CA

Shady Point is a French Eclectic Revival-style, single-family house designed by Roland E. Coate in 1930. Coate was a Los Angeles-based architect primarily known for his residential work in a variety of revival styles. He also designed All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills.

Located on the northern shore of Lake Arrowhead, Shady Point was designed as a summer home for the Los Angeles attorney, John O’Melveny. The north shore was home to many celebrities and wealthy people in the 1920s, earning it the nickname “the Beverly Hills of the mountains.” The irregularly-shaped and symmetrical house is largely unchanged on the exterior, which is clad with stucco and wood shingles under a steeply-pitched hip roof punctuated by dormers. The visible rafter tails flare the shingles at the roof edges slightly, creating a skirting effect typical of the French Revival style. The property also includes multiple outdoor terraces and patios, connected by original walkways, that provide views to Lake Arrowhead. Most of the large trees once found on the property, which gave it the name Shady Point, have been killed by insects in recent years.

Shady Point is visible from the waters of Lake Arrowhead. The Arrowhead Queen offers tours of Lake Arrowhead by boat. The tour operator can be reached by telephone at (909) 336-6992. More information is available online at

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