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Winsted Hosiery Mill

City and State: Winsted, Connecticut

Winsted Hosiery Mill
Winsted Hosiery Mill

Listed: 1985

Type of district: Individually Listed, National Register of Historic Places

Address: 101 Whiting Street, Winsted, CT 06098

Winsted Hosiery Mill National Register Nomination Report

Winsted Hosiery Mill Map

The Winsted Hosiery Company manufacturing complex is representative of large manufacturing concerns established in Winsted between 1880 and 1920. Founded in 1882, the company was a small manufacturer of men’s hosiery. It capitalized on expanding markets and new product lines to become the largest hosiery manufacturer in Connecticut by 1936. The company’s red-brick industrial complex exemplifies the Italianate and Renaissance Revival design influences on manufacturing facilities around the turn of the century. The designers of the Winsted Hosiery buildings developed pragmatic solutions to the needs of a large manufacturing facility, maximizing natural lighting through open plans and continuous rows of windows. Most of the mill buildings in the Winsted Hosiery complex retain a high degree of architectural integrity.

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