Preservation News

The preservation community in the United States is constantly in motion, with new projects, partnerships, methods, and theories emerging and energizing the movement and the effort. To reflect this constant motion, this page on the Trust for Architectural Easements will feature regularly updated preservation news stories from around the country.

The Case for Preservation Easements

This research document was prepared by architectural historian, Anthony Robins of Thompson & Columbus, Inc. in May 2009 and provides a thorough analysis of why Federal historic preservation protections remain a necessity even where local preservation protections exist.

An Unlikely Group Rebels Against Preservation Districts

December 31, 2011: The New York Times

After more than a decade in which San Francisco politics was partly defined by antidevelopment and historic preservation forces, a backlash has begun.

City Council Influences Landmarks Decision

November 18, 2009: The New York Times

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission recently voted in favor of giving landmark protection to the 100-year-old B.F. Goodrich tire company building on Broadway, just north of 57th Street, but not to a connected building around the corner designed by the same architect at the same time. Some commission members cried foul complaining that politics played an inappropriate role.

Protecting that Which Protects:  A Local Preservation Ordinance Under Fire

April 1, 2009: PreservationNation

More often than not, protecting the places that matter in our cities and towns starts with local preservation ordinances. While they vary from place to place, these land-use laws set forth rules and regulations for the designation of – and any subsequent alterations to – a community’s historic properties.  But what happens when these effective lines of defense become threatened just like the irreplaceable resources they are designed to preserve?

Bowling for History at Lyndhurst

March 23, 2009: The New York Times

The c. 1899 bowling alley at the Gothic Revival estate Lyndhurst, designed in 1838 by Alexander Jackson Davis, receives restorative treatments from Krystyn Hastings-Silver and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Challenge to Landmark Law Worries Preservationists

March 12, 2009: The New York Times

Carol Mrowka considers her East Village neighborhood in Chicago attractive, comfortable — and ordinary. So when the city deemed the area an official landmark, Ms. Mrowka found it absurd and went to court.  Now her case has been appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court, raising alarm among preservationists about the future of scores of such landmark districts and buildings in a city that adores its architectural legacy.

Fighting on to Preserve Morningside Heights

March 1, 2009: The New York Times

After a decade-long fight to designate Morningside Heights in Manhattan a historic district, neighborhood residents and public officials continue to make strides toward their goal.

National Registered Landmark Demolished[icon name=icon-download-alt]

March 31, 2005: The New York Times