Massachusetts Grants

Historic Neighborhoods

Grant Term: 2004

Grant Amount: $10,000

Grant Objectives: City/Build and Just Around the Corner

Grant to Historic Neighborhoods

Historic Neighborhoods is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness of and appreciation for urban neighborhoods. City/Build is a curriculum enrichment program in which Boston public high school students are introduced to the fields of architecture, design, engineering, planning, development and construction and various building trades.

Friends of Hiscock Park

Grant Term: 2005
Grant Amount: $13,000

Grant Objectives: Park Renovation

Grant to Friends of Hiscock Park

Formed when two Victorian townhouses were razed in the 1970s, Hiscock Park is located in Boston’s South End neighborhood. After the demolition of the two buildings, neighbors and the Boston Parks Department worked to create a desperately needed urban park. After 30 years, major renovations were needed, including brick walkways, plantings, lighting, seating, and historically appropriate fencing. The park works to preserve the overall architectural integrity of the neighborhood, which is the largest collection of Victorian row houses in the country.

Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay

Grant Term: 2006

Grant Amount: $8,000

Grant Objectives: Donation of two Commonwealth Avenue Mall Benches

Grant to Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay

Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay is a volunteer organization whose mission is to preserve and enhance the unique beauty and residential character of the neighborhood. In 2006, the Trust made a donation to the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay for the installation of historically appropriate benches that were being placed throughout the Commonwealth Avenue Mall in the historic Back Bay of Boston.