New Jersey

Allenhurst Residential Historic District


The Allenhurst Residential Historic District was developed as part of a larger beach community catering to the wealthy of the area. Most of the residences were built by the Coast Land Improvement Company at the turn of the twentieth century. The historic district contains wide, tree-lined avenues and unobstructed views of the ocean along many of its streets. The style of houses is varied, and includes Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Neo-Classical, Gothic Revival, Prairie, Mission, Shingle, Craftsman and Italian Renaissance. While the homes built in Allenhurst during its period of significance were designed following the conventions of the revival styles, the designs often emphasize architectural features that reflect Allenhurst’s beachfront location and purpose as a residential resort community. This includes large wraparound porches, towers and cupolas, all of which allowed the owners to take advantage of the nearby ocean and many civic parades that took place within the town.