Designing Your Own Building Facade

Have you ever dreamed of designing the front of a building, otherwise known as a building facade? In this activity, you will do just that. You will also learn a few architectural vocabulary words.

Age: 7 and up

Materials: colored construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, Columns Worksheet , and Arches and Lintels Worksheet 

1. Download the two worksheets necessary for this activity: a Columns Worksheet  pre-printed with columns for you to cut out, and an Arches and Lintels Worksheet  pre-printed with arches, lintels, and a scale figure.
2. Not quite sure what columnsarches, or lintels are? Mouse over the words to find out!
3. Curious to learn more? Download a set of Architectural Flashcards . Take them with you the next time you are out and about, and see how many of the architectural elements illustrated on the flashcards you can find!