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Preservation Organizations

Throughout the history of preservation in the United States, people have gathered formally and informally to establish organizations which disseminate information and promote responsible stewardship of historic built resources. The passing of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) in 1966 established new government entities whose primary goals and responsibilities involved the preservation of the historic built resources in the U.S. NHPA instituted the framework for partnerships among preservation organizations at the federal, state, and local levels, emphasizing that the responsibility to preserve built resources needed to be shouldered not only by the country as a whole, but by the states, cities, towns, and villages in which the resources are located. In addition to the government-run programs and entities, preservationists of various backgrounds have created neighborhood groups and organizations advocating specific causes related to preservation. It is through the efforts and partnerships developed among all of these organizations, public and private, large and small, federal, state, and local, that the goals of preservation in the U.S. are achieved and the message of the movement is spread through the country.

For a more detailed history of the development of these organizations, please read Preservation in the United States.

While the following list of organizations is not exhaustive, the information and assistance offered by these organizations are helpful tools for any preservation enthusiast.

Federal Government Resources

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. General Services Administration

U.S. National Park Service

Nationwide Organizations

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Association for Preservation Technology International



State Historic Preservation Offices and Other Local Preservation Groups

National Council for State Historic Preservation Officers

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers





New Jersey

New York


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