Henderson Place Historic District

Henderson Place Historic District

Henderson Place Historic District

Borough and State: Manhattan, New York

Listed: 1969

Type of district: National Register historic district, local historic district

Main Streets: Henderson Place and East 86th Street

 Henderson Place LPC Historic District Report

 Henderson Place LPC Historic District Map

The picturesque Henderson Place Historic District is located in Yorkville near the East River. The enclave of 24 houses was designed and built in a single program. The architects, Lamb & Rich, were hired by the land owner, John C. Henderson, in 1880, and construction was essentially complete by 1882. The brick houses, originally intended for those with moderate incomes, combine Queen Anne style with Flemish, Elizabethan, and classical details. The district is named for the dead-end street that comprises a portion of it, with the remaining houses being located on East End Avenue and East 86th and 87th streets. The houses are constructed of brick, with steep slate roofs and dormers. Tall chimneys and divided-light, double-hung windows are also prominent features.